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OCD in the Workplace

OCD Is In Your Corporation.

Did You Know That:

5% of American adults have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).[1]

1% of those with a college education have OCD.[2]


OCD Symptoms in the Workplace:    

Recurrent persistent thoughts that can’t be ignored

Excessive repetitive behaviors

Takes >1 hour per day or interferes with daily life



[1] Karno M, Golding JM, Sorenson SB, Burnam MA. The epidemiology of obsessive-compulsive disorder in five US communities. Arch Gen Psychiatry. Dec 1988;45(12):1094-9.

[2] Antony, M. M.; F. Downie & R. P. Swinson. “Diagnostic issues and epidemiology in obsessive–compulsive disorder”. in Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder: Theory, Research, and Treatment, eds. M. M. Antony; S. Rachman; M. A. Richter & R. P. Swinson. New York: The Guilford Press, 1998, pp. 3-32.


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