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Training Program Introduction: ATD Conference 2013

EXPOSITION: ATD Platinum Sponsor

Dr. Caudill’s Corporate Training Program debuted as one of the few Platinum Sponsors of the Association for Talent Development at the 2013 annual conference in Dallas, TX.


FEATURED SPEAKER: “Mental Illness in the Workplace”

Dr. Caudill presented a novel training program to educate corporations on interacting with employees and customers with mental illness. In addition, the latest mental health issues and training techniques were discussed. Participants developed competencies in:

  • Symptom Recognition
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Prevention & De-escalation


EXPERIENTIAL SESSIONS: Mental Health Games and Trainers off Broadway

Dr. Caudill led the beloved experiential sessions in which attendees were able to participate in games that taught the audience about mental illness in the workplace.

-Mental Health Games: attendees were able to compete with their training peers to explore the world of mental health through a series of fun and innovative games created by Dr. Terra Caudill.

-Trainers off Broadway: attendees who described themselves as thespians, drama kids and natural born entertainers delighted in teaming off into two groups that wrote and acted a short improv that exemplified mental illness in the workplace.


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