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Treatment of Mental Illness Copy

1) <1/3 of Those With Mental Illness Receive Treatment[1]

Mental health problems are often unrecognized because the symptoms may be hidden at work. Why?


Employees: reluctant to seek treatment due to stigma, and fear of jeopardizing their job[2]

Managers: want to help, but don’t how to do so appropriately due to confidentiality and legal issues[2]



[1] Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, December 1999.

[2] Innerworkings: A Look at Mental Health in Today’s Workplace, Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, 2007.




2) Mental Illness Treatment is Cost-Effective


  • The majority of those treated for mental illness improve with adequate treatment[1]
  • After 3 weeks of treatment, about 2/3 of those with mental illness were no longer work-impaired[2]



[1] Hosman, C. M. H., & Janè-Llopis, E. (2005). The evidence of effective interventions for mental health promotion. In World Health Organization – Promoting Mental Health: Concepts-Emerging Evidence-Practice. (pp. 169-188). Geneva, Switzerland: WHO.

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Mental Fitness is Good For Business.

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