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Corporate Mental Health Training

All Employees Have Rainy Days.

For some, Rainy Days are Persistent.

 Is it in My Corporation?

Yes. Mental illness occurs in 1 in 10 employees and customers.

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The Cost of Mental Illness

Mental illness costs corporations $20 billion and 217 million work days per year.

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 Treatment of Mental Illness

The majority of people treated for mental illness improve with adequate treatment.

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Feeling uninterested, indecisive and withdrawn?

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 Talking fast, making impulsive decisions and have tons of energy without sleep?

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Illogical speech, seeing hearing things that aren’t there, fixed false beliefs.

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Always worried, tired and need reassurance?

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Disorganized, miss deadlines, lose things?

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Repetitive behaviors, stuck thoughts, interferes with your life?

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For Individuals
Learn the basics of mental illness and the applications of this knowledge in both personal and business relationships.

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For Trainers
Learn the signs of mental illness in the workplace and educate your employees to improve employee-customer interactions.

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For Corporations
Learn the basics of mental illness in the workplace and improve employee performance and peer education.

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Mental Illness… The Solution?

Discuss It.

Understand It.

Manage It.

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