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ADHD in the Workplace

ADHD Is In Your Corporation.

Did You Know That:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) exists in many adults who may be unaware that they have this disorder[1]

4% of employees experience symptoms of ADHD every year[2]

Employees with ADHD average 20 lost workdays per year[2]


ADHD Symptoms in the Workplace:    

Easily distracted
Don’t meet deadlines
Lose things constantly
Not detail oriented
Don’t follow through



[1] Best Practices in Adult ADHD: Epidemiology, Impairments, and Differential Diagnosis. Adler,, CNS Spectrums, (2008) Vol 13, No 8, Supplement 12.

[2] Harvard Health Publications, Mental Health Problems in The Workplace, Feb. 2010.


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